A Simple Way to Let Go of Stress

A simple way to let go of stress is to let go of trying to figure life out. It’s about realizing that you don’t have to control every single aspect of your life. You don’t have to try and manipulate life to get what you want.

It’s much easier to let go of what you want, and connect with your heart. I know this post is a bit different from my usual writings, but I’m feeling inspired to share this.

The reason most people are stressed, anxious, and afraid, is because they take life too seriously. Yes, there are things in life that seem bad, like losing your job, a loved one, or your health taking a nose dive. But does stressing about it really help? If you look at some of the health reports, you’ll notice that stress makes it all worse.

Life will always change, so even if you’ve got the perfect life right now, it will change. The more you cling to what you have, and the more attached you are, the more you will suffer when it finally changes. The key for me has been to learn to flow with life, and learn to accept the changes as they come.

As I let go of control, and trying to figure things out, I let go of stress.

Try it for just today and see what happens. It has definitely helped change my life. And something has helped me let go of control is meditation. I don’t try and quiet my mind. I just sit and notice my breathing, or become aware of what goes on in my mind.

Use whatever works for you, and enjoy!


Is Fish Oil Worthless?

I’ve taken a high-quality fish oil supplement for probably a decade now, and it has helped my allergies, skin, focus, and a lot of different things.

I’ve started noticing a lot of articles online trying to debunk the benefits of fish oil. I don’t know if this is a misinformation campaign by big pharma or what’s going on.

It’s interesting to read in the comments of these kinds of articles, because people come in droves to share their own experience with omega-3 fish oils, which is almost always positive.

Many people aren’t even aware of what it does, and when they go and search online they are immediately hit by these “negative” articles. I think it’s a shame, because fish oils do really help people, at least from my experience.

I’m not sure what you think, but there’s plenty of research out there on the topic. I’d probably recommend, if you’re new, that you get a high quality supplement and then try it for a month, see how you feel.

If you have access to high-quality wild caught fish, then I would do that instead. You don’t always need a supplement, but there are some issues with eating a lot of fish (mercury, toxins and so on).

Let’s use our common sense and see where it takes us, yes? 😉

Have You Heard About Intermittent Fasting?

So I’ve come across intermittent fasting awhile ago, and I’ve had fantastic results with it. I’ve discovered that eating all the time doesn’t help my digestion or health.

I came across fasting and intermittent fasting a few years ago. I’d tried hardcore fasts, and have done juice fasts for weeks, but they were a bit too much. However, intermittent fasting was something I could implement to become healthier and feel better.

Here’s a video on it from Mr. Mercola.

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do, because I feel our bodies were made to rest from food from time to time. You don’t have to do days and weeks on end.Talk soon!

The Journey Begins

The Journey is LongFor a long time I felt like something was missing in my life. I didn’t know where to go, what to do, or how to even start.

I felt frustrated. And it didn’t help that I was having health problems. That often makes me wonder, did I have those health problems because I was resisting going after my heart, and going after what truly made my heart come alive? You never know.

But what I’ve discovered is that the journey we call life never ends. We bump into problem after problem. It’s like one of those Buddha stories goes:

A man once came to see the Buddha to get help with his problems. After the man had told the Buddha one of his problems and asked for help, the Buddha replied: “I cannot help you get rid of that problem.

The man was surprised that the Buddha could not help him in this regard, but he told the Buddha about another problem; he thought to himself that the Buddha should at least be able to help him with that problem. But the Buddha told him “I cannot help you with that problem either.

The man started to get impatient. He said: “How can it be that you are the perfectly Enlightened Buddha, when you can’t even help people get rid of their problems?” The Buddha answered: “You will always have 83 problems in your life. Sometimes a problem will go, but then another problem will come. I cannot help you with that.

The baffled man asked the Buddha: “But, what can you help me with, then?” The Buddha replied: “I can help you get rid of your 84th problem.” The man asked: “But what is my 84th problem?” The Buddha replied: “That you want to get rid of your 83 problems.”

Quite relevant isn’t it?

There will always be more problems, so this isn’t about trying to get rid of problems and challenges altogether. This is about seeing life through a different set of sunglasses.

That’s a realization I’ve had. I’m sure I’ll forget it, but that’s just how things are. On this blog I want to talk about health and specifically natural health.

I’ve had some health problems in my life, such as eczema, stomach issues, and other things that have come and gone. I’ve freaked out about my teeth, worried about my knees, and the list goes on and on.

I wanted to quickly introduce myself with this post and put something out there, otherwise I’d just end up procrastinating and never getting anything done.

And when I look at health, I think the same Buddha story applies there. There will always be something “not right” with our bodies. Maybe we don’t like the way we look, or we have aches and pains somewhere.

Can we learn to be okay with that?

I’m not sure, but I’m going to try, because it’ll make me a happier person.

What about you?